Atiq Associates


  • Starlet Shoes Factory

  • Location:Bund Road Lahore

    Covered Area:18300 Sft

  • Ferozesons Pharmaceutical Laboratories

  • Location:Nowshehra

    Covered Area:42000 Sft

  • Haroon Stitching Unit

  • Location:Rohi Nallah, Bedian Road, Lahore

    Covered Area:36000 Sft

  • Sufi Oil and Ghee Mills

  • Location:Lahore Sheikhupura

    Covered Area:95000 Sft

  • Master ball point pen factory

  • Location:Gujranwala

    Covered Area:35000 Sft

  • Zaman Stitching Unit

  • Location:Ferozepur Road, Lahore

    Covered Area:45000 Sft

  • Dyeing Unit for Fashion Pride Textiles

  • Location:Faisalabad

    Covered Area:28000 Sft

  • ELTEK Leather Factories

  • Location:Sialkot

    Covered Area:48000 Sft

  • Habib Jute Mills

  • Location:Manga Mandi Lahore

    Covered Area:23000 Sft

  • Extension of heavy industries (Additions and alterations in existing str.)

  • Location:Taxila

    Covered Area:21500 Sft

  • Azeem General & Floor Mills

  • Location:Burki Road Lahore

    Covered Area:38000 Sft

  • Nobel T.V factory

  • Location:Raiwind Road Lahore

    Covered Area:42000 Sft

  • Knitting unit for Sajjad Knitwear

  • Location:Ferozpur Road Lahore

    Covered Area:10300 Sft

  • Factory building for Pharamagen beximco

  • Location:Ferozepur Road, Lahore

    Covered Area:12800 Sft

  • Serena Dyeing mills

  • Location:Sheikupura Road Lahore

    Covered Area:18400 Sft

  • Stitching Unit for leather jackets and leather shoes for Leather Tex (PVT) Ltd.

  • Location:Ferozepur Road. Lahore

    Covered Area:58000 Sft

  • Leather Treatment Plant Building (six storey) for Yousaf Tanneries

  • Location:Qasur

    Covered Area:24000 Sft

  • Structure stability analysis and dsn of two additional floors of Zammil steel structure for standard Hosiery industries.

  • Location:Kot Lakhpat, Lahore

    Covered Area:16000 Sft

  • Unitech Factory Building

  • Location:Kot Lakhpat, Lahore

    Covered Area:52000 Sft

  • Cambridge Garments Industries

  • Location:Sunder Industrial Estate, Lahore.

    Covered Area:92000 Sft

  • Industrial Building for Sufi Oil Mills

  • Location:Port Bin Qasim, Karachi.

    Covered Area:18000 Sft

  • Industrial Building for MIAN TYRE and RUBBER Industries at Lahore, Sheikhupura Road.

  • Location:Sheikhupura

    Covered Area:80000 Sft

  • Baham Factory at Ferozepure Road, Lahore.

  • Location:Lahore

    Covered Area:80000 Sft