Atiq Associates


  • Structural Analysis and Design of commercial, industrial, educational and residential building structures as well as hotels & motels, hospitals, medical facilities, laboratories, recreation and sports facilities, stadiums, libraries, museums and galleries for both static and dynamic loading conditions including wind and seismic loads.

  • R.C.C. frame structures, shells and steel structures analysis both in two and three dimensional conditions with the help of computer software such as ETABS, SAP-2000, STAAD Pro, ADOSS, PCA and SAFE.

  • Industrial economics, policy and planning as well as industrial projects development and appraisal.

  • Structural evaluation of old buildings and their strengthening & retrofitting procedures.

  • Top and detailed supervision & construction management of designed projects.

  • Preparation of B.O.Qs, Cost estimation and Bid evaluation.

  • Surveying, evaluation and loss assessment.